Frequently Asked Questions

What does Bealstone, Inc do?

Bealstone, Inc serves as the professional and knowledgeable point of contact for our clients throughout the Pittsburgh area. We provide direct marketing campaigns which allow us to get the clients’ message out to their customer base through a meaningful, face-to-face conversation.

Why Direct Marketing?

In today’s fast-paced work environment, a company’s ability to stand above the competition is crucial to their success. Direct marketing allows us to bring the products and services offered by our clients directly to the customer, both in person and through social media, which allows the customer to establish a more personal relation with the client.

Why should clients use Bealstone Inc.?

Bealstone, Inc offers our clients a service that is more effective at reaching target markets than traditional forms of advertising (such as commercials, emails, or telemarketing). Our scope and range is unlimited. Our team will not only outperform any existing internal sales force, but will also prove to be more cost effective for our clients. We provide better results at a lower cost, which provides a greater opportunity for growth for our employees and clients.

Is this a effective business model?
Direct sales and marketing provides a 100% return on investment for our clients. Our clients trust Bealstone, Inc’s direct marketing platform to grow our clients’ market share and increase their budget. Our model is so successful that our current clients include Fortune 500 companies.
What does Bealstone, Inc. offer its clients?
Bealstone Inc. acquires and retains business customers for our clients through a personalized direct marketing campaign that helps to expand their market in Pittsburgh. We meet with business owners daily to discuss their business model and needs to figure out how they will benefit from our clients’ products and services.
What does Bealstone, Inc. offer its clients?
Our representatives learn the business through hands-on training, working both in and out of the office to expose our future leaders to a “real world” business environment. We believe it is our structure and a systematic approach that contributes to the growth.
Who are Bealstone, Inc. employees?
Bealstone, Inc. looks for honest, ambitious, and charismatic individuals to join our team, and those who excel in a business, leadership, and sales position. We provide complete training for our client representatives, and are excited to work with anyone willing to put forth their best for our clients.
How do representatives achieve promotions?
Out team focuses on self-development and provides account executives opportunities for advancement from within the company based on personal performance and leadership skills they exhibit.